From hobby to destination wedding photographer


I see the world in a particular way,

I personalize your memories through my camera. I enjoy taking pictures and I am very passionate about my work, I do it with my heart. My style is documentary, clean and natural. My name is Gerardo Bonilla, bilingual weddings and boudoir photographer. Photography for your memories.


I remember when I took a camera for the first time,

a Yashica Electro 35, it was very exciting moment, seeing through the camera I realized that you can not seing everything that your eyes see, that you have to direct the lens to the that you want to capture, that little piece of world that you want to keep in an image. Well, at least it was like that for me, I knew that I had a limited number of shots on my camera before I changed the film reel.


Photography has been part of my life, has been since the late 80's

and I have been able to save moments of all the stages of my life. At the beginning I had a Pentax P3 camera and I took landscape pictures, the family vacations and trips I made and my schoolmates and friends. During the university, in the biology school, I photographed bugs, the field trips, the laboratory experiments and my classmates. At this stage I already had my SCUBA diving certification and I was able to take underwater photos with a Sea & Sea MX10 film camera.

Some years later passed and formats changed,


the digital era arrived; but it was not until after 2000 that I started taking digital photos with 3 megapixel Point & Shoot cameras. It was a whole transition. Following that upgrading to the digital I had the opportunity to buy a Canon Rebel XS camera, the simplest thing in DSLR cameras. It was at that moment that I finally accepted the digital age and its benefits. With the excitement of a new camera I shouted commercial photos for a friend who sold sports shoes, food for a Greek restaurant, motorcycles for a friend who rents Harleys, I made my first photo shoots.

Finally it was with a Canon G12 with underwater housing


that I found how valuable it is to do people portraits on emotional moments, this was during the time I worked as a dive tour guide. To dive into the sea and see the divers be amazed by the sea creatures was a moment that they would remember forever, so I took pictures of them enjoying those moments.

My interest in photography was bigger


but also more defined, capturing the emotions of people, those instants that become stories and that's when I decided to buy my Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon 70D

I'm continue learning and preparing myself as a professional photographer to be able capture emotions, feelings  and spontaneous images to preserve those moments of one and the most important days of your live. I'm Gerardo Bonilla, destination wedding photographer based in Campeche, México.